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  1. ghost0bk

    ghost0bk Moderator Staff Member

    Windows Seven Xp Super 2013 Multilanguage Edition have windows xp but in windows7 interface? do you think it is possible? Some friend ask me, "Hey, sometimes i imagine that i have os XP but like w7". Now it is not only your imagination, today OsWindows will share to you Seven Xp, like the other that we share this version also modified from the original Xp version. Did you think that the function of this is os already decrease from the ori one? The answer absolutely not, this can make your PC faster than before. Just try this amazing Xp and enjoy it buddy. Version : September 2013 Updated : 29 September 2013 Publisher : Microsoft/Modified Languange : English Medicine : Include-PreActivated OS Support : Win Xp SP3 x86 Password : No Type File : rar/iso Size : 694 Mb What has been deleted 1 - delete some but not all languages ​​such as Chinese, Korean, 2 - Remove the old backgrounds 3 - Remove the old voices of Windows 4 - was removed Tour 5 - The removal of old games and online games 6 - Remove the printer definition to the large size What has been affixed 1 - Add another updates 2 - has been added to the cylinder tariffs smart Sky Drivers 3 - add SATA tariffs to accept modern appliances, laptops 4 - has been added to Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Media Player 11 latest updates 5 - has been added to a beautiful theme to suit all tastes 6 - 55 was added backdrop of high-quality HD technology 7 - 6 has been added new games and fun instead of the old games 8 - has been added to the voices and Windows ships instead of the traditional sounds of XP 9 - has been added to set new tools to control Pannell 10 - has been added to a group of Arabic fonts and beautiful English 11 - added a new photo to the user 12 - has been added to a group of important programs for each user 13 - has been added to a range of important Registryfix and additions that give shape Jamali version This is an optional software package for user chooses Maizhae the inauguration of them from the beginning of Windows Firefox Nightly Internet Download Manager Yahoo Messenger Aimp 3 Haihaisoft Player C Cleaner Foxitreader Ultra Iso Noxas Dock Lovely Folders Super Rainbar Viglance
    Download Here : Link: Link 4Share-Vn D-Link ( No need acc) Nếu link die sẽ backup lại tại đây
  2. trunghieu997

    trunghieu997 New Member

    Bản này đã full chưa bạn, khi cài nó có đòi key không vây?
  3. boystarry007

    boystarry007 New Member

    win xp hay win 7 thế..
  4. ghost0bk

    ghost0bk Moderator Staff Member

    Là Windows XP bạn.
    Actived rồi bạn!
  5. s01657044624

    s01657044624 New Member

    cái này là ghost hay cài đặt vậy bạn?
  6. ghost0bk

    ghost0bk Moderator Staff Member

    Là bản cài nhé bạn! Cài mới sạch và ít lỗi:)
  7. s01666847004

    s01666847004 New Member

    cái này 32 hay 64 bit vậy ad ?
  8. ghost0bk

    ghost0bk Moderator Staff Member

    32 Bit bạn nhé!................................

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