[PC] Escape from Tarkov v0.

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    Escape from Tarkov v0.


    Game Details
    Release name : Escape from Tarkov v0.
    Size : 19.8 GB
    Title : Escape from Tarkov
    Genre : Action
    Steam : click here
    Release Date : 28 Jul, 2017



    How To Install Escape from Tarkov Download Free
    1. Download The Game.
    2. Extract with WinRAR
    3. Start “\Server.exe”, Don’t Close it.
    4. Start “\Launcher.exe”.
    5.  Use Random User/Pass, Then click “Register”.
    6. Start Game & Enjoy.
    How To Play the Game (Read me please!)
    Tutorial by : Enzo
    1) Extract the game
    2) Navigate to Server folder, launch Server.exe and wait for the prompt saying SUCCESS!
    3) Navigate to Client folder, launch Launcher.exe
    4) On the window, select Edge of Darkness from the Edition drop down menu and click Register at the bottom
    5) Click on start wait for game to load and you should be able to play the game. Enjoy!
    Note : This will only let you play Solo Mode against bots, At least it’s better than nothing. xd

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