Windows 7 ult x64 Siêu rút gọn V2

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    #With new icons = yes
    # ISO SIZE = 1,11 GB
    # INSTALLATION SIZE = 3.5 GB (without pagefile)
    # RAM USAGE AT BOOT = 500 MB
    # INSTALLATION MODE = bootable ONLY (no manual setup, no repair, no upgrade)
    # UI LANGUAGE = ENGLISH (can't install other UI Languages)
    # REGIONAL SETTINGS = all available (Default: Portuguese, changeable)
    = DOES NOT include latest DotNet 4.5.2
    ---> search for "DOTNET 4.5.2 SLIM" version, as it takes less
    disk space compared to MS original one
    # ACTIVATED = no
    # KEPT & WORKING = WinSAT, Sounds, Cursors,
    ,Network Browsing & Sharing, Printing
    & Scan Support (use your own drivers & search on Microsoft
    Update Catalog by VEN & DEV IDs), USB Mass Storage, Autoplay
    # REMOVED = Accesibility, Disk Cleanup, Disk Defragmenter, wordpad
    ,Wallpapers,Games, Troubleshooting,Windows Sidebar, Mobility Center, Projector, Windows Media Player, Internet explorer,
    Connectivity, Speech, Welcome Center, Fax, Windows Defender,
    Write, Windows Side Show, Floppy Support, Smart Card
    Support, Language Packs (UI only), IIS, Windows Mail, Homegroup,
    Security Center, Media Center, Disk Quota, On-Screen Keyboard,
    winsxs (some updates might fail), XPS, Tablet PC, System Restore
    = Drivers -- Video, Modem, TV Tuner, Network, Printers, Scanners,
    Floppy Drive, Smart Card
    # TWEAKS = Updates OFF, Firewall ON, My Computer Context Menu Shortcuts,
    Windows Indexing Service OFF, UXTheme Patch, Disable Low Disk
    Space Warning, Disable Hibernation, not the Full Information During
    Shutdown, Organisation Home
    #windows update working = no
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