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    WinTK is a multi-tool for the Windows Operating System with the ability to.

    - Decrypt DigitalProductIds with custom offsets, in case of future changes by M$
    - View Office and Windows product keys
    - Edit, backup and restore OEM information
    - View operating system information
    - View your Slic version
    - Includes various system tools and custom tools
    - View Resource Usage
    - Delete stuck or in use files
    - Automatically check for updates

    .EXE Checksums:

    Version 2.9.1 for Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

    CRC32: 6893F3406544C21A6637F4D0116AFCDC
    MD5: 1940827E

    Version 1.0.4 for Windows XP:

    CRC32: A6AC8702
    MD5: 526BF17B33B15569B73588078F4457FD

    Download links:

    System requirements:

    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    DotNet Framework 2
    Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.8GHz or AMD equivilent
    30MB free memory ~50MB is best
    Aero enabled for best visuals
    Active internet connection for update checking


    Version 2.9.1 for Windows Vista, 7 and 8:

    1. Changed how System Restore Points are created
    2. UI enhancements made to the Enhanced Decryption & Stuck File deletion tools
    3. Fixed a bug that would cause damaged file backups to be created using the Stuck file deletion tool
    4. Added file integrity checks to the Stuck File deletion tool (compares backup and original)
    5. Changes to spelling and grammatical errors throughout the application
    6. Removed portions of uneccesary core code
    7. Core code changes to get ready for the version 3 update

    Version 1.0.4 for Windows XP:

    1. New enhanced DigitalProductId decryption tool added
    2. Application will now show current OEM information on startup
    3. UI changes in the 'OEM Info' Tab
    4. Balloon messages and warnings added
    4. All forms will now dispose on exit freeing memory


    Windows XP, all versions
    Windows Vista, all versions
    Windows 7, all versions
    Windows 8, all versions

    Q & A:

    Q: Why does my product key show as BBBBB?
    A: Because you're running a MAK activated product, your product key has been erased from the system by default.

    Q: Why is Group Policy Editor not opening for me?
    A: Group Policy Editor is not available on certain operating system builds.

    Q: Why is my status orb orange?
    A: Please check you have extracted the application from it's zipped folder and the application is running as administrator. Also verify the checksum for security.

    Q: Where can I find the applications error log, so I can upload it to you?
    A: Execute the program, click this button technorati-icon.png to enter the about section, then click 'View App Files'. The two files are located in there.

    Q: Why does my antivirus software flag this application as a virus?
    A: Don't worry, it's only a false-positive, my application uses methods of compression similar to what malware uses. No need to worry at all.

    Q: Why are there strange characters in my error log?
    A: These are obfuscated strings only the developer can understand.


    Alphawaves - Been a massive help towards certain parts of my application
    ItielMaN - Responsible for UI edits, bug fixes and BETA testing
    Blu-D3ViL355 - My latest BETA tester, has been a great help


    Download Here : Link:


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